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    1. 朝陽光達化工有限公司
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          In 1997, China's first professional cold refrigerant was born, completely solve the long-term salt water, ethylene glycol, alcohol and other refrigerant substitutes produced by the three major problems: equipment corrosion rust, cold storage efficiency, the use of temperature The domain is narrow. It was inventor Mr. Bai Songquan named: ice hot 1. This is a revolution, but also a new industry ???? Ice refrigerant, to create a professional cold refrigerant industry, open the Chinese refrigeration industry 3 revolution
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      Tax Credibility Level A
      Excellent products
      safety production license
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      展會名稱:第74屆中國國際醫藥原料 中間體 包裝 設備交易會時間:2015年5月15日-17日地點:國際會展中心(上海)展位號:2R51冰河冷媒載冷
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      Chaoyang GuangDa Chemical. Advisory:0421-7228333
      Address:No. 97, No.5 Culture Road, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province

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